Receive a Roadside Rescue

If you've broken down or been involved in an accident, our skilled Roadside Technicians and Recovery Drivers are on hand to assist. We'll waste no time in rescuing you from the side of the road.


Have Your Vehicle Repaired

As part of our one-stop service, we also offer servicing, MOT's and repairs on all makes and models of vehicles at our fully facilitated premises in Chessington. If you live within 5 miles of our premises, we'll even throw in a free re-delivery when fixed.


Work Alongside Our Company

National Rescue is always searching for talented Roadside Technicians and Recovery Drivers to join our company. Browse our careers page to see more details.


Browse Our Vault of Videos

With more than 50 years of history behind us, we've got plenty of stories to share. Visit our Video Vault to see hours of footage from some of our more unique experiences at the side of the road.


About Us

For exceptional vehicle rescue services, turn to a vehicle recovery operator who has proudly assisted motorists in South West London and Surrey for decades. For more than 50 years, National Rescue has provided motorists with unparalleled roadside assistance as well as comprehensive, convenient workshop repair services that are second to none.

With a rich, lengthy history, our well-established company is committed to providing unbeatable levels of customer service.

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Slow Down Move Over

Everybody here at National Rescue is proud to support the "Slow Down Move Over" campaign, bringing a culture of awareness to all road users, so that when they are presented with a temporary hazard on the road network, it will assist them in taking the appropriate action to avoid the danger.

The temporary hazard can be in various forms, including but not exclusive to broken down vehicles, passengers of those vehicles, roadside recovery vehicles, or any roadside worker.

After numerous deaths and serious injuries in recent years, it is our intention to bring all areas of our industry together, with a unified approach to addressing this issue.

Slow Down Move Over

Electric Vehicle Charging

It’s no secret that thousands of electric vehicle charging points will be needed to cover the UK, if the Government is to hit its target to ban all new petrol and diesel cars from 2035.

In research commissioned by the independent recovery industry, more than half of people who do not own an electric car, said that a lack of convenient charging points was a barrier to them switching.

Two thirds said they would reconsider if there was better coverage.

With this in mind, National Rescue is pleased to announce that the first of its electric vehicle charging points is now open and available to the public, at our workshops in Chessington.

If you find yourself in need of a charge, please contact us on 03448 737283 to arrange a booking slot.

Contact National Rescue Chessington today, to take advantage of the vehicle roadside rescue and repair services we provide.