Rely on Established Vehicle Recovery Services in Chessington, Surrey

The vehicle recovery services we provide are truly second to none. That’s because our company, based in Chessington, Surrey, offers breakdown cover informed by more than 100 years of collective experience. When you put your trust in professionals with this much knowledge and practice, you’re bound to be delighted with the results.

Top-Tier Transporters

The “slide and tilt” transporter is aptly named, as it features a bed which slides hydraulically before tilting to the ground to allow the loading of a disabled vehicle. This is of particular importance when dealing with a vehicle that has been involved in an accident, especially when the steering, suspension, or wheels have been damaged. The kinds of transporters we operate include vehicles manufactured by DAF™, Fiat™, Isuzu™, Iveco™, Mitsubishi™, Peugeot™, and Renault™

Thoroughly Equipped

Almost all of the transporter vehicles provided by National Rescue are equipped with stingray tails. These slide and tilt backwards to enable vehicles with low spoilers to be loaded without issue. Sliding winches permit the winch drum to be moved, capably accommodating vehicles regardless of whether their towing eyes are located on the left or right side. As with our other vehicles, these transporters have the ability to boost-start both 12 & 24 volt vehicles, with the added security of 'Surge Protection' and 'Reverse Polarity'. They may also carry vehicles weighing up to four tonnes and have room for six passengers.

Getting the Job Done

As with the reliable repair services we provide, there is an occasional need for specialist equipment while carrying out our recovery services. In these cases, we have the tools needed to complete the job without issue. The equipment we possess includes:

Snatch Blocks – Chains – Bike Cradles – Wheel Skates – Hiabs – Covered Transportation

Our Service Vans

At National Rescue, our service vans are supplied with a wide variety of parts. That means we have the tools needed to provide convenient roadside repairs for commercial and non-commercial vehicles. The vans we utilise are manufactured by Chevrolet™, and have the capacity to carry four passengers as well as the driver. The lockers fitted to the rear of the vehicle provide the storage needed to carry our tools. When roadside repairs are not an option, we’ll work to recover your vehicle without delay.

Agile Services

Small and manoeuvrable, our 4x4's are especially useful for assisting our other recovery vehicles while they carry out their work. This includes blocking off busy routes, to enable the safe loading and unloading of disabled vehicles. In addition, the 4x4's are capable of reaching vehicles in multi-storey car parks and other areas where the larger recovery trucks simply cannot help.

Plenty of Space

The spec lifts we utilise are capable of carrying up to six passengers, plus the driver. They also have the ability to boost-start both 12 and 24 volt vehicles. These spec lifts are particularly useful in cases where a vehicle has sustained front- or rear-wheel damage. By lifting these wheels to safety, spec lifts ensure the vehicle is moved without sustaining further damage.

Sublime Spec Lifts

The spec lift, so-called because its rear lifting equipment resembles a pair of glasses, is a versatile vehicle that lifts disabled vehicles up before pulling them along with the front or rear wheels suspended. This lift is suitable for the recovery of most vehicles. What’s more, all National Rescue spec lifts have specially manufactured frames that facilitate the recovery of motorbikes. Please note, however, that 4x4 vehicles, or vehicles with low front or rear spoilers, must be recovered using a full lift truck, better known as a transporter.

Finding You Quickly

All of the recovery vehicles we dispatch are equipped with the very latest APEX RMS technology. This incorporates an advanced satellite navigation system that enables roadside and recovery technicians to access the details of the disabled vehicle and locate its whereabouts at the touch of a button.

Designed Vans

Although our service vans are mainly used for roadside repairs, they also have the ability to recover most vehicles with the use of an A-frame or straight bar. They may also be used to quickly dispatch extra help and equipment to the scene of an accident.

I.V.R. Training

Training and Safety is a vital part of our Company ethos, which is why we hold regular I.V.R. (Institute of Vehicle Recovery) Training courses throughout the year for our Technicians. If you are a Recovery Operator and you are interested in attending a course, please contact us directly..

Contact us today, in Chessington, Surrey, to learn more about the breakdown cover and vehicle recovery services we carry out.