The Video Vault

Thanks to more than 50 years of operation, National Rescue has plenty of stories to tell. Browse our video vault to discover interesting jobs from our company’s intriguing history.

Miss Milly-Tant

Miss Milly-Tant began life as a six-wheel-drive chassis cab for the British Army. She was first used as a general cargo truck with the army registration number 36BM73. Late in 1983, Milly was spotted by Andy Lambert – the founder of National Rescue. He decided to purchase her for use within our newly opened Brooklands depot at Weybridge. Retired and happy, Milly now lives at Brooklands Museum in Weybridge, where she is often found winching huge pieces of concrete left over from the war, carrying bombs, and assisting with tree surgery.

Vehicle Recovery after Accident on the A3 in 1989

This video shows the recovery of two heavy vehicles after an accident on the A3 in 1989. After the prop shafts are disconnected, the vehicles are towed down to Robin Hood before turning and heading toward our Brooklands depot.

Recovering a Hunter Aircraft

In 1989, a Hunter aircraft was recovered from Brooklands Technical College. It was one of a number of Hawker Hunters sold to Denmark. This craft, however, was returned for resale but ultimately was not sold. Instead, it was given to Brooklands Technical College for training purposes. National Rescue was contracted to recover the aircraft in 1989 when it was offered to Brooklands Museum. It was on this job that the legendary Tony Amos joined the Brooklands Recovery Engineering and Salvage Team (BREAST) for the first time.

Turbo Dispatch Promotional Video (Featuring Ernest Smith)

This famous video, filmed in the Brooklands Control Tower, was shown on the MTS stand at AVROEX 1990. It benefits from the talents of Ernest Smith, formerly of National Breakdown fame. Regrettably, the video’s quality has not aged as well as some of the participants. This video is posted in memory of the great Ernest Smith, who did so much for the industry. When we let Ernest know that we were planning a short advertisement for MTS, he travelled all the way to Brooklands just to take part. He was a gentleman and, most of all, a friend. This kind act was so typical of the man – he continues to be greatly missed.

Bouncing Bomb Recovery

Sir Barnes Wallis, the developer of the bouncing bomb, tested his invention on Chesil Beach in Dorset. In the winter of 1989, we were asked to transport a bouncing bomb, recovered by the Royal Navy, from Chesil Beach to the Brooklands Museum.

Vehicle Recovery: Roll Over and Accident in 1988

In the early hours of one 1988 morning, a fully loaded Tesco™ vehicle left the road with its trailer on the A283, west of Steyning. National Rescue was called to recover it. First, the vehicle had to be emptied. Then, low-pressure air bags
were employed to lift the vehicle past its critical roll angle. Once the main
road was closed, we performed a safe rollover. Finally, a short, winch-assisted
exit was carried out, allowing the road to be reopened. Notice the incredible
four-wheel drive Bedford CF support vehicle on the scene. The team at National Rescue would love to know if this vehicle survives somewhere..

R.I.S.C.Promotional Video

The next time you see someone working on the side of the road, or clearing the motorway for you, spare a thought for their efforts. These brave people expose
themselves to great risk every time they go to work. R.I.S.C UK (Recovery Industry Support Charity) is an organisation that supports motorway operators, but it can only do so with your support. To donate, visit

Hawker Harrier Aircraft Unloading

This video shows a Hawker Harrier aircraft being unloaded at Brooklands in 1989. The Hawker Siddeley Harrier G-VTOL arrives at Brooklands Museum. Then, Milly doeswhat she does best.

Fishing in the Thames

This video shows a vehicle being rescued from under the water, in what appears to be Richmond, in late 1989. It was thought that the vehicle had been used in a
robbery and was subsequently abandoned.

Who Is This Bloke Doing Vehicle Recovery?

This video shows a rollover taking place on the M25 Junction 11, sometime during late 1992..

Hawker Harrier Aircraft Unloading

This video shows a Hawker Harrier aircraft being unloaded at Brooklands in 1989. The Hawker Siddeley Harrier G-VTOL arrives at Brooklands Museum. Then, Milly does what she does best.

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