Take Advantage of First-Rate Vehicle Repair Services in Chessington, Surrey

Based in Chessington, Surrey, National Rescue is proud to offer exceptional vehicle repair services. When you get in touch with our skilled mechanics, we’ll work promptly to have your vehicle restored to a functioning state.

Discover Our Repairs

You probably already knew that National Rescue has been recovering vehicles in Chessington, Surrey, for more than 40 years. Did you also know that our qualified mechanics have the means to carry out quality vehicle repair services? It’s true. From our state-of-the-art workshops, we perform a whole host of repairs and maintenance services for members of the general public.

Truly Convenient

Simply leave your vehicle with us and our competent team will waste no time in rectifying the issues it has encountered. When you leave your vehicle with us on the way to work, we are typically able to have everything resolved by the time you are ready to go home.

Serving All Clients

The workshop we operate within is extremely well-equipped. That means we’re able to undertake work on most vehicles weighing up to three-and-a-half tonnes. Because we have assisted companies and fleet operators for a long time, we truly understand how critical downtime is. That’s why our workshop operates until 10:00 p.m. from Monday to Saturday.

Call our mechanics today, in Chessington, Surrey, on 0844 873 7247 to take advantage of the vehicle repair services we have to offer.